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20 Litre Bottled Water

How to order bottled water from our system?

1. Download our android or iPhone application from respective play stores. Customers can also order from our website by creating free accounts as well guests.

2. Create an account for free and place an order. Customers can also order as guests (Without Login). Advantage of login is that they can see the accounts and ordered history in future.

Here customers can order one time as well recurring orders too. Customers need to go to the product page, select date range and place order. We are usually delivering 5 days week orders. Free water delivery over Leicester and no hidden charges. In case our customer needs an order on weekends, we are delivering on special cases too.

At present we begin drinking water bottled supply to the Leicester area only and shortly we are planning to expand to Wembley and other near areas.

Our bottles are returned, Sterilised and reused for many years and then recycled. We are washing water bottles every day and refilling fresh water.

If you can't find water bottles that you need you are free to reach us on below contact details.



Contact : +44 7405 536324

Email Us : info@freshnpurewateruk.com